Andrew Lavespere

Lavespere, Inc.


SAP America, Inc. - Senior Technical Consultant

Mar 2001 - Sep 2004

Performance Award Winner

As a Senior Consultant billing at a Platinum K6 rate with SAP, I lead EP6.0 and EP5.0 SAP Portals implementation projects for Fortune 100 companies such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Marathon Oil, Kindred Healthcare, Halliburton, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser and Delphi Automotive to name a few.

Some of my responsibilities included installing and configuring the Enterprise Portal environment, managing the development and implementation of portal content, creating content management processes, developing portal strategies, architecting portal designs, troubleshooting and escalating urgent technical Portal issues for SAP customers while supporting SAP Portal Sales and Consulting Teams.

My last project with SAP was a technical and content lead on a highly visible cradle to grave implementation of SAP’s largest EP 6.0 deployment in North America at Raytheon.

Earned recognition within SAP by winning the Professional Services Quarterly Performance Award in 2003 for going “above and beyond” and his dedication and contributions to a successful EP 5.0 Portal implementation at Weyerhaeuser.




Nov 03 - Sept 04

Raytheon - Waltham, Mass

Technical Lead / Content Lead

Implementation of the largest EP 6.0 deployment in North America for SAP.

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Nov 2003

Cooper Industries, LTD – Peach Tree City, GA

Ramp-up Project Lead

EP 6.0 Ramp-Up customer. Provided weekly status to Ramp-up coordinator with detailed overall risk status and planned go-live date. Worked with the SAP Portal RIG group on open issues. Worked with Cooper on functionality to be included in the portal. Provided architecture documents to support externally facing portal. Helped with sizing and purchasing decisions for QA and Production environments. Installed and configured QA and Production environments. Transported content from each environment to the next. Provided SSO into third party products.

Sept 2003

Deloitte – Nashville, TN

SAP Senior Consultant

Two weeks to install Enterprise Portal EP5. Helped team configure portal to run SSL. Perform troubleshooting for many portal issues. Supported architecture design and technical discussions. Part of a formal review process team from SAP to provide Deloitte the EP Portal Technical review section. This review was to identify problem areas, provide recommendations and assess the project impact if not addressed. Part of the SAP ASAP methodology.

Sept 2003

Lockheed Martin – Ft Worth, TX

SAP Senior Consultant

Two weeks to Install Enterprise Portal EP5, configure the software and 3rd party products. Support code migration from development to the staging environment…then to production. Update the site team on any Hot fixes deployed by SAP. Perform troubleshooting for any portal issues. Support design and technical discussions.

Aug 2003

Mass Mutual – Springfield, MA

SAP Senior Consultant

One week to review and certify an EP5 installation. Implemented the PCD Cache loader for performance. Worked with team to stress test the portal using Load Runner scripts. Analyzed logs to ensure proper garbage collecting was performed on the Java Server.

Jul 03 - Aug 03

Defense Logistics Agency – Ft. Belvoir, VA

Portal Project Manager

Three weeks to install a production portal on a total of 10 servers to create a complete Highly available fault tolerant portal featuring the Portal, KM, TREX and Unification for an externally facing portal. Configured Microsoft SQL Cluster to run the Portal Lock Server and Portal System database. Configured TREX 6.0 on two servers implementing a Name server with Name server replication and index replication. Configured Microsoft ADS as the Portal LDAP and Corporate LDAP. Documentation of the installation process and performed knowledge transfer

Jul 2003

International Paper – Memphis, TN

Portal Project Manager

One week to install the BW and R/3 Unifiers, Install a Unifier to an external SQL database, configure Drag&Relate between BW, R/3, SQL Server and an external website, configure portal for SSO into R/3 and BW and perform knowledge transfer.

May 03 - June 03

Halliburton – Houston, TX

Portal Project Manager

Four week engagement to install the BW and R/3 Unifiers, install a Unifier to an external Oracle database, configured Drag and Relate between BW, R/3, Oracle and an external website, configure Portal for SSO into R/3 and BW and perform knowledge transfer.

May 2003

Burger King – Miami, FL

SAP Senior Consultant

Two weeks for an SP4 to SP5 upgrade of clustered Staging and Development environment.

April 03 - May 03

Weyerhaeuser – Seattle, Washington

Portal Project Manager

EP 5.0 SP5 portal with R3 and BW Unifer. Four weeks to install and configure SP5 EP 5.0 portal with R3 and BW Unification. Installed and configured the Assets Business package to demonstrate ease of connectivity to R3 for plant maintenance. Configured R3 Unifier for Drag-N-Relate of Work orders to Work centers, functional locations and equipment. Configured the portal for SSO into R3 and BW. Configured Drag-N-Relate from BW to R3. Performed knowledge transfer to various groups at Weyerhaeuser. I was instrumental in securing a multi-million dollar contract for SAP Software and consulting.

Feb 03 - Mar 03

Levi Strauss – Dallas, Texas

Portal Project Manager

EP 5.0 SP5 portal with KM and TREX. Three weeks to install and configure SP5 EP 5.0 portal with KM and TREX. Configured Taxonomies and KM Repositories with Versioning and Workflow. Created indexing for Searching capabilities. Presented portal functionality to business users and mentored Levi developers on the functionality of the portal. Configured NTLM Authentication into the portal.

Feb 2003

Dow Corning Corp. – Midland, Mi

Portal Project Manager

EP 5.0 SP4 portal with BW and R3 Unifiers. Included configuring SSO into BW and R3 as well as configuring Drag&Relate from R3 to BW.

Jan 2003

SpectroLab – Sylmar, Ca

EP 5.0 SP4 with KM Installation

Implementation of SP5 Unifiers for BW and R3 along with full KM installation with TREX indexing and searching. Configured SSO from the portal to R3 and BW systems. Enabled Drag&Relate from within the Unifiers.

Dec 2002

Raytheon – Boston, Mass

EP 5.0 Installation

Technical lead on a high profile project run by IBM in which I lead the development efforts to ensure proper use of the portal. High profile project forming the basis of work for the project I later led as a technical and content lead. This portal was viewed by upper management and was the basis to convince Raytheon to use SAP Portals over an Oracle portal that had been installed and configured. This became the largest EP6 deployment project in North America for SAP and was my last project while at SAP. Integrated Lotus Notes iViews into portal. Implemented Single Sign On into R3. Installed and configured the R3 Unifier. Integrated an intranet application with SSO, which made up part of their SCM system and installed a Unifier for the backend Oracle database. Installed ITS to run transactions via the portal. Installed and configured eRoom iViews.

Nov 2002

IBM Consulting – Houston, Texas

Cross Application for Upstream Oil & Gas Portal - Worked on an existing project with our Partner to develop a portal for upstream Oil & Gas. Implemented Single Sign On into R3 and BW. Installed and configured the R3 Unifier. Installed Internet Graphics Server and ITS to display BW Web reports via the portal. Displayed SEM layouts as planning folders. Prototype to be used as a selling tool for IBM.

Oct 2002

Accenture – Houston, Texas

Cross Application for Chemical Engineering Portal

Worked on an existing project with our Partner to develop a portal for the Chemical Engineering industry. Developed iViews to support a scenario to be used to sell the concept to large Oil & Gas companies. Also, provided technical guidance for the rest of the team.

Jun 02 - Oct 02

Delphi Automotive – Troy, Michigan

Portal Project Manager

Installed EP 5.0 SP4 to run on an Oracle database. Installed Novell eDirectory to be used as the Directory server for the portal. Provided single sign on (SSO) to BW3 to view BW reports and SEM Layouts as BSP applications. Made use of SAP Role Migration to maintain user roles. Created ASP login page to use Novell’s eDirectory API to validate users against expired passwords and grace logins. Designed and documented the migration path from DevQAProduction. Mentored Delphi staff on administration and development in the Portal.

Apr 02 - May 02

Raytheon – Dallas, Texas

Proof of Concept

Technical lead for a three week SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 implementation. Integrated with PeopleSoft, R3, Business Information Warehouse, eRooms, LotusNotes, Portal users business package using Domino server. Major competitor was Oracle Portal. I was able to integrate the Oracle portal into the SAP Portal to minimize re-work.

Mar 02 - Apr 02

Transalta Oil and Gas – Calgary, Canada

Portal 5.0 Implementation

Five week, high profile implementation of internal portal integrating their R3 systems using the ESS, MSS and Financials business packages for SAP Portals. Installed R3 unifier and configured the system to allow multiple portals to have Single Sign On to the R3 system. Mentoring their development and infrastructure team to ensure the proper installation and development of their portal. Installed the Content Management and TREX piece of the portal for search and document sharing. Let team in migration of content to the development server. Production environment installation including load balancing and complete fail over for all aspects of the portal. This is a Gartner reference account for the SAP Portal.

Feb 02 - Mar 02

Lockheed Martin – Aeronautics – Ft. Worth, Texas

Proof of Concept

Technical lead on a three week high profile proof of concept for an SAP Enterprise 5.0 portal implementation. A pre-sales effort to beat out six competitors in a potential $6 million deal. I was able to keep our company as the forerunner with the job that I accomplished in 8 days. This involved integrating Inktomi Search, Netegrity Siteminder, LiveLink and Exchange. The portal provides Single Sign on to multiple systems and integrates a number of internal applications to Lockheed Martin as well as Content Management and various SAP Portals business packages.

Jan 02 - Feb 02

Sappi Fine Paper – Portland, Maine

Customer Care system

Portal Project Manager on a six week SAP Enterprise 5.0 implementation using SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MQ Series, WebMethods Business Connector, Reflections Terminal Emulator and iPlanet’s LDAP. Call center portal for the inside sales force to provide a single place to aggregate information about a merchant: what orders have they quoted, priced placed, shipped, and invoiced. The Portal provided single sign on and one click access to the details of these transactions on the 3270 mainframe using information retrieved from multiple systems in a tab format. Other duties included gathering business requirements, giving demonstrations to large groups of people and mentoring of Sappi developers.

Dec 2001

Kindred Healthcare

Technical lead of a three week Portal 5.0 implementation that integrated Lotus Notes into the portal using MSXML object to transform the data into and XML format recognized by the portal. Also integrated live external news websites into the portal displaying them in the portal’s “look and feel.” The Portal displays the changes as they occur on the external websites. Integrated Outlook 2000 ActiveX into the portal as well as a weather website.

Nov 2001

Lincoln Labs/ M.I.T.

Implemented a proof of concept portal for the development team to show potential R.O.I. with the purchase of the portal. The portal implemented a R/3 unifier to display R/3 transactions using the SAP DCOM connector.

Apr 01 - Nov 01

Marathon Oil - Findlay, Oh

Portal Project Manager

TopTier 4.5 - Extranet e-Business portal

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Apr 01

SAP Portals (Toptier)

During the transition from TopTier to SAP, I created an employee search application to be integrated with the company portal. The application allows employees to search by picture or by name, department, title, etc. The results can be sorted by clicking the headers and will limit the rows being displayed based on user set values. VCR buttons are used to enumerate the list. Application was written as ASP using VBScript, JavaScript with and SQL Server as the backend.