Andrew Lavespere

Lavespere, Inc.


PowerCerv - Partner Consultant

1994 - 1998

PowerCerv develops and delivers a fully integrated suite of e-business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications designed to help small-to-midsize manufacturers and distributors quickly respond to customers, suppliers, partners and employees around the world.

Worked as a consultant for many clients developing applications using PowerTOOL and PowerBuilder.




Manager of Internal Systems Development

Developed and managed a Work In Progress System (WIPS) using PowerBuilder for PowerCerv which facilitated creation of projects to enable reporting of time and expenses for employees covering a geographically dispersed area. The entire system consisted of six modules including an administration module, a data input module and an accounting module.

The system incorporated the new Sybase SQL Anywhere that allowed remote data synchronization to the field laptops using remote access server (RAS). This is a two-way update to synchronize the remote databases with the central database.

Managed consultants working on the internal systems being developed and also worked with end users in specifying program requirements

Sony Pictures - Partner Consultant

Worked as senior developer creating an asset management system in PowerBuilder for manage movie titles. The portions I was responsible for included Receiving of assets and displaying and updating of assets as the abstractionist for the project

ABNAMBRO - Partner Consultant

Converted and implemented PowerTOOL 5.0 to DB2 for OS/2 version 2.0 in Amsterdam, Holland for the largest bank in the Netherlands. These changes became part of the PowerTOOL product

Compaq Computers - Partner Consultant

Managed implementation of WIPS system that I developed for PowerCerv at Compaq and performed a gap analysis for existing system; Involved with installations of the remote data synchronization portion of PowerCerv’s Sales Force Automation package.

PowerBuilder Mentor

Had several one to two week consulting assignments that involved working with internal developers in order to determine the most efficient use of PowerBuilder and the PowerTOOL class library.

The main purpose of the assignments was to guide and direct the developers programming efforts in order to take full advantage of the object oriented aspects of PB and PowerTOOL.

Clients Included


Had numerous assignments teaching a two-day class on PowerTOOL Class Library for PowerBuilder which is an introduction describing the PowerTOOL methodology in creating PowerBuilder applications. The course touched on the fundamental aspects of Object Oriented programming (inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism).

Vastar Resources - Houston

PowerBuilder 4.01 Extended PowerTOOL Class Library to create a base set of windows and objects to create a “cookie cutter” approach to application development for Vastar Resources, enterprise wide. This included maintenance loop objects, a generic query builder for any datawindow control, and standard login screens, about box, application initialization files and PowerBuilder resource files.

Enabled mid-level PowerBuilder programmers to be able to create consistent, robust applications quickly and efficiently.

Developed a three-stage application migration procedure for creating, testing and maintaining applications throughout its life cycle

Acted as mentor for beginner PowerBuilder programmers for Vastar.