Andrew Lavespere

Lavespere, Inc.


Marathon Oil - Findlay, Oh

Jun 2001 - Sep 2001 - Portal Project Manager

Project Description

Extranet e-Business portal – A four month TopTier 4.5 implementation with integration to internal web applications, eRooms data collaboration website, MS Outlook 2000, Convera’s Retrievalware, and an internal document management system. Extranet application allowing document sharing and project collaboration with outside vendors.

The portal integrates existing business applications and external websites streamlining users decisions and day-to-day operations. The portal allows for single sign on to external web sites and applications on the users desktop. The SAP Unifier passes information between systems using SAP Portal’s Drag-and-Relate technology. This provides access to targeted screens in an application by dragging information from another application without having to log in and navigate through the system.

The portal implements Convera’s document search engine and also integrates with WebThority from Semantec acting as a reverse proxy for security.

Project Details