Andrew Lavespere

Lavespere, Inc.


GDS Engineers - Programmer/Analyst

1991 - 1994

Developed applications in Clipper/DBASE and PowerBuilder for several clients.



Electronic Document Management System

PowerBuilder 3.0a. Developed the document retrieval portion of OmniSource, an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for Citgo refinery. The system allows a drill down approach from a plant map down to a particular piece of equipment and retrieves a list of documents indexed and entered into the system related to that piece of equipment.

The documents could include scanned images, photographs, word processing files, AutoCAD files, etc. which are viewed in their native format.

I integrated three commercial applications, which did not have an API, into a PowerBuilder application making extesive use of the Windows API. Using a resource compiler to strip out menu codes from the applications menus, a PowerBuilder window was created that runs the application and by using the Windows send() function, executes the applications menu items but under a PowerBuilder menu.

Chevron / Exxon / Lyondell

CAD Drawing Database Viewer

Used Clipper 5.2 to create a CASE tool to generate data driven stand alone database applications for AutoCAD drawing files (P&ID's and/or Isometrics) using code blocks.

The generated application populated a database with the attributed information from AutoCAD drawings and displayed the information in lists according to the type of information (Equipment List, Line List, Instrument List, etc.). This information could be edited from an edit screen from within the application and allowed for automatic updating of the affected drawing files.

Using this CASE tool, I was able to create an application in a matter of hours from an existing group of CAD drawings for any customer. I was able to re-write the original application in 30 hours that initially took me four months. With better naming standards of the objects in the drawings, I was able to create this application in four hours.